Date for the diary - Meeting at the Baptist Hall
A major topic for discussion will be the progress with Southwick’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. We will also provide and an update following the Inspectorate’s Examination of the site at Southwick Court and the implications this may have to our plan and to the rest of Southwick
AGM Meeting

We will be holding our AGM on Wednesday 28th November at 7:30pm in the Baptist Chapel.

Please come along to find out what has been happening, including on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Also up for discussion is the need for a new bypass. Please have a look a, and sign if you agree the petition started by John.

A Bypass for West Wiltshire

Please be hedgehog aware this summer.

When working in the garden this summer please be aware that a hedgehog may be sheltering in that patch of weeds or long grass you are about to strim or under the bonfire you were about to light. When disturbed a hedgehog will not immediately run from danger but will ‘freeze’ and hope to go unnoticed.

Last year in my garden in Blind Lane I found a small hedgehop in great distress. Half it’s face had been cut off by a strimmer and all the vet could do was end it’s suffering.

Please check for hedgehogs BEFORE you start work, especially if using a strimmer. Our hedgehogs are in decline and need all the help we can give them.

Barbara Johnson

Three Week Consultation Period - Have your say

From 1st June 2018, there will be a three week consultation period to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan.

Consultation Events will be taking place at Southwick Baptist Chapel, Wynsome Street, on:

  • Friday 15th June 18:30 – 20:30
  • Saturday 16th June 14:00 – 16:00
  • Sunday 17th June 16:30 – 18:30

More details can be found here

Notice of Public Meeting

Monday 14th May 2018 7pm, Baptist Chapel, Wynsome Street

Now is your chance to shape the future of Southwick by getting involved our Neighbourhood Development Plan. Please come along to this meeting to find out more.

Full Details

Air Quality Monitoring in Wynsome Street.

Concerned at the growing numbers of HGV and aggregate vehicles passing through Wynsome Street every day and the probable increase in air pollution, SRA asked our Wiltshire Councillor Horace Prickett to make enquiries about siting an air quality monitor in Wynsome Street.

Shortly after contacting Wiltshire Council’s Environmental Control & Protection Team, a nitrogen dioxide monitoring tube was sited on a property in Wynsome Street. After two months we will see the first reading from this monitor although the overall pollution level will not be known until the monitor has been in place for a year.

Hopefully we can then be reassured that levels of air pollution in Southwick are not a threat to our health. We will keep you posted.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

March 2018

Please see here for the latest on the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Redrow Appeal Withdrawn

13th February 2018

Redrow have withdrawn their appeal for land south of Blind Lane

Gladmans Refused

9th February 2018

Gladmans have been refused their outline planning application for land off Wynsome Street.

Read the reasons here.

Redrow Homes Appeal

Any further comments about this, need to be receieved by Wednesday 17th January 2018

For details on how to comment, please click here

Public Meeting - Redrow Homes Appeal

Monday 11th Decemeber 2017 at 7:30 - Southwick Baptist Church

Redrow are appealing WIltshire Council's rejection to build in Southwick. It is widely believed that if Redrow are granted permission, others will also. This affects all of Southwick. Please attend.

Housing Needs Survey

As the next stage of pulling together Southwick’s Neighbourhood Plan, with the support of Wiltshire Council, the Steering Committee are promoting a Housing Needs Survey.

Starting from Monday 13th November, Survey forms and reply paid envelopes will be gradually distributed to all homes in Southwick.

The forms are relatively straight forward to complete and a reply paid envelop will be provided to send the completed forms back direct to Wiltshire Council.

We are also planning to hold Saturday morning clinics starting Saturday 18th Nov at the Baptist Church Hall, aimed at providing assistance with completing the Survey Forms.

Completed Housing Needs Survey forms will need to be completed and returned to Wiltshire Council in the reply paid envelopes provided by Monday 11th December 2017.

Please take the time to fill these forms in and return them, as it is a real chance to have your say whatever your views are.

SRA Meeting Monday 23rd October 2017

Meeting to be held at 7pm at the Baptist Chapel on Wynsome Street

Everyone is welcome, both non-members and members. There will be news on the the Savills proposal at Southwick Court and Gladman proposal.

Refreshments will be available, so please do come along and help support the village.

Full Agenda available here

Plans to build 700 homes in and around Trowbridge

You will have no doubt heard or read in the paper, about Wiltshire Council's's plans to build over 700 new homes in Trowbridge

The area directly affecting Southwick, is on land at Southwick Court, from Firs Hill, along Boundary Walk to North Bradley. We will publish more details as they become available. Read more here : Wiltshire Times

SRA Meeting Thursday 6th July 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting. It was a good turn out and lots more people have joined the SRA

Meeting to be held at 7:30pm at the Baptist Chapel on Wynsome Street

Everyone is welcome, both non-members and members. There will be news on the Redrow and Gladman proposals, the grant applications and more.

Refreshments will be available, so please do come along and help support the village.

Agenda available here

Neighbourhood Planning

View the draft Objectives and Vision

Gladman Logo

Gladman have submitted outline planning for 140 houses on the field behind Chantry Gardens between Wynsome Street and the Solar Farm.

We feel this proposed development is totally unjustified and will have no tangible benefits for Southwick.

113 comments have been filed on the Wiltshire Councils website including a petition signed by 351 residents of Chantry Gardens, Wynsome Street, and Breach Lane.

Decision : 9th February 2018 - REFUSED

More Details

Redrow Logo

Plans for upto 100 units on the fields South of Blind Lane have been submitted.

c170 letters of objection were submitted about this development.

We are very pleased that Wiltshire Council have rejected this application.

Redrow did appeal this decision, but have since withdrawn it.

View the decision from Wiltshire Council