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Neighbourhood Development Plan Draft Objectives

The following has been suggested as a set of draft Objectives. The policies of a neighbourhood plan would try to bring the Objectives about.

  1. To create a sustainable Southwick; one where development is balanced by improvements in facilities and infrastructure.
  2. To protect the local environment, especially the rural landscape, historic buildings and wildlife habitats and enhance these whenever possible.
  3. To preserve and enhance a separate village identity from Trowbridge while improving transport linkages.
  4. To enhance the recreational and leisure facilities of the village for all age groups.
  5. To provide the housing the community wants and needs, at a scale no larger than is appropriate to a large village, in developments of moderate size in the locations it approves, in particular to meet the needs of first tim ebuyers and growing families.
  6. To improve the village environment and public realm by appropriate enhancements to landscaping and existing urban features, including street furniture; provision of new green open spaces and enhancement of existing ones, including new tree planting.
  7. To tackle transport problems, including parking, public transport and the necessary improvements of footpaths and pavements. To ensure that new developments improve transport sustainability rather than make it worse.
  8. To ensure that new development does not add to existing flooding problems and that where possible it improves the current situation for existing as well as new buildings.
  9. To ensure good, locally relevant and distinctive design in all new development.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Draft Vision

The following has been put forward as a possible Vision for what a neighbourhood plan would want to achieve

By 2026 Southwick will have retained its landscape setting, including physical separation from Trowbridge and its own distint rural character. The Parish will be cleaner and, where possible, provide a better habitat for nature. Local wildlife will have been protected and will be thriving.

Development will have been controlled to provide necessary housing appropriate in type and scale to its location in a large village as set out in the Wiltshire Core Strategy. The design of new development will be of good quality and feature renewable energy and climate change adaptation technologies.

Local facilities will have been improved, including shops, recreational opportunities and open space. There will be a better maintained transport network including foot and cycle paths; speeding vehicles will have been reduced and pedestrian safety improved.

The Parish will have secured benefits from development, in terms of provision of new and upgraded infrastructure and urban enhancement to match the wishes of the community.