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Southwick’s Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report : March 2018

Progress Update on Southwick’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Southwick’s Neighbourhood Development Plan is really beginning to take shape, After five months of very hard work, our plan is roughly a third of the way complete.

  • In this respect, the Steering Group have delivered the following important stages of the plan:
  • Scoping Research - which provides an array of factual material on topics such as education, employment, services, amenities and ecology.
  • Housing Needs Survey - this shows the type and number of additional housing needed locally.
  • Landscape Gap Surveys - required to help ensure Southwick retains its village identity.
  • Site Survey Reports - although nothing has been decided yet, these reports will possibly help form the basis of sites being considered for future housing development in the village.

This level of progress so far on the plan has been considerably better than average. But we want to keep the momentum going and deliver the entire plan as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Now that the Steering Group have all the facts and figures needed to move forward, our next challenge is to commence a three week Consultation Period, followed by a series of public Consultation Events. We intend to begin this process from Monday 26th March.

As part of this process, you will be receiving a simple Questionnaire to complete. This will give you the opportunity to express exactly what you like about Southwick and the things that you would like to change. The Questionnaire is easy to complete and will be available in paper and electronic formats.

Please remember that the Neighbourhood Development Plan is not all about housing, although that is obviously an important element of the plan. The Neighbourhood Plan can also encompass issues such as traffic volumes, lack of medical facilities, cycle pathways and much much more.

So, please keep an eye out for the Questionnaire. It really is your chance to have your say.

Many thanks for reading.

Cllr John Eaton

To support the Neighbourhood Plan, we have put together some photos of nature you can see in the village, and also some pictures of flooding in the last few years.

Key Features of a Neighbourhood Plan

  • It gives communities important new rights around local Planning
  • Written by the local community - people who know and love the area, can decide on the type of development they want in the places they want it.
  • Preserve local green spaces and heritage
  • Legal Planning document, which must be used by councils when they decide on local Planning applications

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