Redrow Appeal for land South of Blind Lane

You will no doubt be aware that Redrow is appealng Wiltshire Council's decision to reject their planning proposals

If you wish to object, you have until Wednesday 17th January 2018

You can submit your comments to the Planning Inspectorate in one of three ways:

  1. By Post To: Attn. Kerr Brown, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/O Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol. BS1 6PN

    Note: If you intend to write via this method, please use black ink and provide the Inspectorate with three copies of your comments. Please also remember to add the appeal reference APP/Y3940/W/17/3184466

  2. By Web Portal:

    Note: The portal is easy to use. The link above will take you to a screen where you can press the ‘Make representation’ button. In the next screen you can add your comments as an Interested Party/Person.

  3. By Email:

    Note: You will need to add your name and address detail to the email as well as the appeal reference APP/Y3940/W/17/3184466 if you use this method.

Date for Submission of Comments: - Wed 17th Jan 2018

The date for submitting additional comments was originally 3rd Jan 2018. However, because of Christmas and New Year celebrations, the Inspectorate has given us an additional two weeks in which to lodge additional comments.

So you will have until the 17th Jan 2018 in which to submit further comments. But please submit your comments as soon as possible, as the Inspectorate will not extend the window any further.

Whichever method you use, you must provide your name and address on your submission. You must also include the Appeal reference APP/Y3940/W/17/3184466

Submit whatever comments you feel will be helpful or anything that you did not include in your original objection to Wiltshire Council that you have since thought of.

Full guidance documentation here: Guide to taking part in planning appeals.

In addition, I can advise that the date and venue for the appeal Inquiry has been set as follows:

Start date - 10:00am on 10th July 2018. Venue - Wiltshire County Council Monkton Park Office, Chippenham. SN5 1ER