Useful Information

Parish Council

The village has a Parish Council which meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 in the village hall. Public are welcome with a short open forum at the beginning.

The Parish Council also produce the excellent Southwick Village News - a bi-monthly publication delivered free to every household in the village. The Editor can be contacted on 01225 762930.

The Parish council website.

Bus Services in Southwick

The X34 (Chippenham to Frome) Faresaver bus travels through Southwick stopping along the Frome Road

Stops : Chippenham Bus Stn - Chippenham Hospital - Notton - Beanacre - Leekes - Melksham - Semington - Paxcroft Mead - Trowbridge - Trowbridge College - Southwick - Beckington - Oldford - Frome College - Frome (and in reverse)

Faresaver Timetables

Bus Stops cam be seen on the map

Rubbish and Recycling Collection

Village collections are twice weekly. Each residence should have a grey bin for general waste, a blue bin for card and plastic bottles, a black box for glass bottles, paper etc, and an optional green bin (requires extra payment)

For more information on what you can recycle, and the days and dates of your collection, please click here

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply for an assisted collection by calling us on 0300 456 0102, or ask a neighbour, or ask the SRA - we are sure someone can help.

Walking in Southwick

Southwick has lots of footpaths and bridleways through the green spaces we need to protect. The Southwick Strollers organise walks from the village of about 4 - 5 miles. Walks will be advertised in the Southwick Village News.

Parish Councillor with Special Responsibility for Rights of Way is Stephen Carey.

View the Ordnance Survey map.

Points of Interest

Baptist Pool

Located on Wynsome Street, the open-air baptistery associated with the Baptist Church at Southwick, dates back to 1655. Worshipers would come from miles around for religious ceremonies. The pool was fed from the Lambrok Stream which runs past it. The pool is grade II listed.

More information can be found here

Baptist Pool

Southwick Playing Field

Southwick Playing Field is in the heart of the village and has a seasonal football/cricket pitch. There is play equipment, and exercise equipment.

The playing field is a real village asset which is actually the war memorial purchased by villagers after the war.

Various village events such as the Scout Fete, Flower show are held on the field each year

The field is managed by the Playing Field Management Committee headed by Ted Pomeroy who works tirelessly to keep this field in the great condition it is in.

Southwick & North Bradley Scout Group HQ

The Old School is on Frome Road and is now leased to the Southwick and North Bradley Scout Group.

The building was a school until the mid 1970s when the current school in Hollis Way was opened.

Now the home of Southwick and North Bradley Scout Group

Southwick & North Bradley Scout Group HQ

Site of Blind House

Blind houses are miniature lockups employed for the short term detention of miscreants. Although most could barely accommodate one person, often several detainees were locked up, possibly with a guard. There are over a hundred in England and have several names i ncluding round house, lockup or clink. They provided a place for the local constable to put drunks, vagrants, brawlers and disreputable women as well as those more serious offenders in transit to the county assizes. Windows are always absent, hence the name with light and ventilation coming only from tiny grilles. Most were free-standing, constructed of stone with heavy wooden nailed doors. Most Wiltshire blind houses date from the 18th century although there are couple older. More information can be found in Mary Delorme's excellent book, Curious Wiltshire.

The site was restored to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee of 1977, is on the Frome Road near the Orchard Drive cut.

Local surviving Blind Houses can be seen on Wicker Hill in Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon Town Bridge, and in Lacock (which is often open to the public).

Site of Blind House